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IMG 2198

Ballot box registration.

IMG 2199

Ballot box registration.

IMG 2200

Ballot box registration.

IMG 2201

Misfeed! Scanning began with postal ballots - all off which were folded.

IMG 2202

Two scanning machines opened to clear misfeeds.

IMG 2204

Security boxes. I guess that these were used to store / ship the ballot boxes.

IMG 2205

IMG 2206

IMG 2207

Physically secure network switch cabinet. I was not allowed to touch equipment, so I couldn't tell whether...

IMG 2208

Indra staff. Looking down on the row of Indra staff, and their server racks.


IMG 2209

Indra staff.

IMG 2210

Indra staff.

IMG 2211

A Cat-5 cable lead up to this box of network equipment. It's clear that it had been in place for a long...

IMG 2212

Following the same Cat-5 cable.

IMG 2213

Following the same Cat-5 cable as it goes down to the ground floor level.

IMG 2214

IMG 2215

First level adjudication. Candidates and their agents on the left. Count staff on the right.


IMG 2216

First level adjudication.

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