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whoah is it mine

posted by handell on 24 Mar 2009, 06:26

I know that the last name de asis decendants are of Greek & Italian the only family that migrated from New York then some how landed in South Texas in the Port Aransas area. Hope you do an family tree research of your coat of arms history. capeche .. understand.

posted by Esther de asis on 1 Nov 2008, 00:29

Oops maybe not we are related to the Italians from Sicily, Italy the 2 brothers that migrated back in the late 1920's here to South Texas; probably Woodsboro & Corpus Christi, Texas. Please email me at beatrice.deases@yahoo.com for the upcoming family reunion to be held in August of 2010.

posted by Beatrice de asis is our real last name not deases on 1 Nov 2008, 00:09

Remember me? From Brownsville, Tx.

posted by cristina on 11 Oct 2008, 06:26

Actually, this family is just named 'Deas' and therefore probably not related to you.

posted by hilde on 1 Mar 2008, 19:36

what part of the deases family are you related to? please reply as we are planning a family reunion. thanks,

posted by Esther DeAses-Dallas,TX on 3 Jan 2008, 06:39

Your baby is beautiful and are we related to you? My sister Esther DeAses seems to think so..Please reply by email to beatricedeases@sbcglobal.net

posted by Beatrice Deases on 5 Dec 2007, 01:40

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